Monday, October 22, 2012

Vos' Snake Oiled DeMOCKeracy

Do you think you have freedom? Do you think you're governed through the informed consent of the citizenry as the founders intended? Do you think your state legislator represents you and your neighbors? Well, do you know that lobbyists from global corporations are voting in secret along with your Republicon State Legislators across the country on laws to rule you from your statehouse!? That’s not democracy. That’s not a Republic, it’s a crassly selfish betrayal of what America is supposed to be.
Here in Wisconsin, State Assemblyman Robin Vos is the state chair of the lobbyist group the American Legislative Exchange Council and he is sworn to enact ALEC’s corporate agenda laws, in many cases nearly word for word from the ALEC draft model legislation. Laws that infringe on your Constitutional right to seek redress for grievances in a court of law in front of a jury of your peers. Among other things, these laws are designed to prevent you from suing a car dealership when they sell you a lemon or when a landlord (like Robin) decides to keep the security deposit for your college student’s apartment.

Robin Vos has been bribed with expenses paid ALEC “scholarships” to be wined and dined in a sunnier clime while being “educated” in the ALEC way. And Mr. Vos has been using his forked tongue ever since to sell their secret snake oil sauce on issues like tort reform, free market fundamentalism, voter fraud, the privilege to pollute and privatization for the fun and profit of the few. Don’t swallow this venomous brew, don’t even step in it!
Those ruled in the interests of others are not free. If you believe in America’s founding principles of freedom and self-determination, please watch The United States of ALEC documentary by the respected journalist Bill Moyers: and demand an end to this traitorously secret legislative process.

Be a patriot, stop Robin the shill who represents global corporations that have no allegiance to you, your city, county, state or even your country. Vote for Democracy!

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