Friday, October 26, 2012

Low Dreck Lynching

Top Photo Lynch Truck Center Hwys 20 & 36
Bottom Photo Wanasek Corp Hwy 11 & 36 Bypass

Republicons truly are the party of dirty tricks and low down tactics. Every election year we see the GOPster misinformation swing into gear, misleading targeted democratic leaning voters (minorities) on when, where and if they can vote, purging them from the voter rolls and other acts of skullduggery.

Here we see two Burlington businesses playing along with the coordinated campaign of dirty Republicon tricks.


Of course the answer is, other than Robin Vos' estranged wife, almost no one. Wide spread voter fraud is a nutty conspiracy theory. It just doesn't happen and the logistics of pulling it off year after year without getting caught are so mindboggling that you have to shut your brain off to even begin to believe in it. Fortunately for the party bosses their ideologically blind followers are really good at doing just that when given their marching orders.

The Republicons have to keep the sinisterly intended myth of wide spread left-wing voter fraud conspiracies alive in the minds of their base. And so they lie to their own people. How else will they be able to justify voter ID laws that are uneeded by anyone except the Greedy Oligarch's Party who need them to prevent minority citizens from voting if they hope to remain both a viable political party AND a party of backward thinking angry old white men. Demographics are not on their side, so they lie and try to enact new Jim Crow laws.

But this is about more than denying American citizens their right to vote based on race, pushing through unnecessary and costly bureaucratic rules. It's also about voter intimidation and supressing the vote. They're trying to make going to the polls a scary thing for people who might be unsure about exaclty what the rules are and how to avoid running afowl of them, people who might feel like they've been targeted by authority figures before and fearful that they will again. Again we're talking about minorities who have a legitimate right to vote, but might not be sure if that run in with the law they had when they were 17 disqualifies them to vote. And if it does, well better safe than sorry, why risk a fine, a felony charge and jail time to cast one vote, right?

If the Republicon Party really believed their own talk of perennial wide-spread left-wing voter fraud they wouldn't spend their money on signs, they'd offer a big reward for catching or infiltrating the fraud conspirators leading to arrest, prosecution and punishment which would be a huge deterent to potential future offending conspirators. But they don't do so, because they know that the reward would go uncollected and that would expose the fallacy that must be maintained in the minds of the Cult of Con indoctrinants. If the rank and file started questioning the voter fraud article of faith, just imagine what else the faithful might start to second guess with regard to the Gospel of Con!

Not only is this coordinated effort at intimidation and misinformation aimed at fellow citizens un-American, it's down right nasty. But just as importantly it's purely dishonest. And why would you trust a business that posts lies right on their front lawns to deal with you honestly and fairly? These businesses do not deserve your business, don't give it to them!

Lynch Sales 763-7500. Wanasek Corp 763-3561


Philip Hein said...

How is this dishonest? Why do you assume minorities are too stupid to be able to figure out if they are legal to vote, or are too stupid to be able to figure out how to get a free government-issued ID? Why shouldn't everyone feel secure in the knowledge that their vote wasn't undone by someone who didn't have the right ot vote? I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps to ensure that my fellow citizens were able to enjoy all the rights and freedoms granted us by the consitiution, and that includes me. If you're too dumb to figure out if you're able to vote legally, don't vote. If you need help figuring out if you're able to vote legally, get help. If you're concerned about illegal voting, put up a sign. If you're in favor of illegal voting, protest voter ID laws.

Sean Cranley said...

Well Philip, what do you think the puprpose of these signs and the money behind them is?

And don't tell me it's prevent voter fraud, because that is huge myth, a whacky coonspiracy theory that you have to put your brain on standby to even begin to believe. THAT is why it is dishonest.

Why don't the GOPsters put their money into a reward to catch some of these hords of conspirators for once, instead of signs? I'll tell you why, because the party bosses know the truth, that there is virtually no one to catch. But they don't want YOU rank and file Cult of Con indoctrinants to know that.

They want you to believe that somebody is going to cancel YOUR personal vote, which is totally absurd. And their solution of spending $5,000,000 to prevent a statistically insignificant one or two votes, while disenfranching thousands of voters does not pass the legal principal of proportionality. But stopping one to votes out of millions statewide isn't their goal anyway. their goal is to put raod blocks in froont of democratic leaning voters to lower turnout. And THAT is also dishonest, both the goal and the fact that they're hiding it and lying about it.

The sign signs answer themselves. "Why would anyone commit voter fraud?" Answer: THEY DON'T!

If you want to election fraud you need only look at the Republican Party and their perennial attempts to misinform voters about when and where to vote. And then of course there are the electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail and are owned, operated and maintained by companies that owned by Republicons with secret proprietary software. THAT is where you'll find the fraud. How does THAT comport with why you served in the military?

kay said...

the signs themselves perpetuate the lie that there is voter fraud in the first place. which is bad and a cowardly thing to do! If you don't want people to vote for someone other than your choice then try talking to voters not putting up signs that give a false's cowardly and poor taste.
You were a Marine? Then you should know about causing fear in indirect ways and when it's appropriate and when it's's not when it's against your fellow Americans!

Philip Hein said...

Hi Sean and Kay,
To say voter fraud is a myth or doesn't happen isn't accurate. According to JSonline, 12-120 people are convicted of voter fraud in Wisconsin each year. An insignificant number? I don't believe it is. And since the GAB recently ruling that poll observers must remain at least 6' away from the registration tables, and that digital images may be used to prove residency, the process has become a joke. Everyone should be concerned about the integrity of the voting process, and one way to help is a voter ID law.
There are no valid arguments against voter ID laws. We are required to show an ID to get a library card, register a pet, get a driver's licsence, buy booze and some drugs, enroll in Badgercare, apply for subsidized housing, cash a check, and numerous other things. In most of these instances, this is to prevent fraud. Also, according to the supreme court case upholding the Indiana voter ID law, 99% of the voting age population already had the required ID. I haven't read both laws, but we can't be that far off. When the state offers the IDs for free, how is anyone disenfranchized, especially when there will be organizations and individuals falling over themselves to help those people who need help attaining an ID, as well they should. As to the cost of the ID program, we just spent tens of millions of dollars trying to recall people who had commited no malfeasance or crime in office and who were duly elected. I know this post isn't about the recall, but if we're going to argue cost of legislation, I think my point is valid.
As to intimidation or "causing fear". How on earth does it intimidate anyone to tell them the law? As I posted above, if someone needs help figuring it out, it should take about 3 seconds. How hard is it? There is no intent to intimidate or disenfranchize behind these signs, because the people who put them up or support them have no reason to believe that they would intimidate anyone. These signs don't give a "false impression". They simply state fact. I find it demeaning to others to assume that they can't figure things out for themselves.
As for the "perenial attempts of the republican party to misinform voters..", Reuters recently reported that it's happening on both sides. It is reprehensible, whoever's doing it, and they should be investigated and prosecuted.
And to your last point, Sean. If the voting machines are owned, operated, and maintained by companies owned by the republicans, how on earth did Barack Obama become president? How can republicans ever lose? You started your reply to my comment by calling concern about voter fraud a "whacky conspiracy theory that you have to put your brain on standby to even begin to believe". Please reference your last paragraph and think about how that sounds.
I'm going to be a poll observer on Tuesday in Racine. I hope to the very core of my being that the stories I was told about what happens in the polling places in Racine on election day are untrue. I'll give a report on Wed or Thur. (Although it will be difficult to see anything from 6' away, I'll do my best).

Sean Cranley said...

Philip, you should read more carefully, it's 12-20, NOT 12-120:

EXCERPT: Madison - Convictions of voter fraud in Wisconsin in recent years have not kept pace with Republican claims of its prevalence in the state.

Each year between 12 and 20 people are convicted of voter fraud in Wisconsin - a state with 3.4 million registered voters, said Reid Magney, a spokesman for the state Government Accountability Board. Typically, those convictions are for felons who voted while on probation or parole before they had regained the right to do so, Magney said.

Philip, Felons are not identified by their driver's licenses or state ID's. Therefore, Voter ID IS
TOTALLY USELESS in preventing the majority of what is already a miniscule number of voter fraud cases.

There are a lot of significant impediments to getting a voter ID than simply the cost. Think of youself as a working poor person with no car who was born in another state and the hurdles that would put in front of you. OR perhaps a frail elderly person in a nursing home, who may have been born at home and not even have a birth cert.

Besides, as the article above notes, it's a law that is not needed. And therefore neither are the signs, they're an expensive form of intimidation. Put your money where your mouth is and offer a substantial reward or hold your peace!

Note: malfeasance is NOT a constitutional requirement for recall, there is a separate law for removal of officials for malfeasance, so your point is immaterial. Walker is a divide and Conquer A$$Hole, and a lot of Wisconsin citizens feel we shouldn't have divide and conquer A$$Holes for Gubna!

And finally, rigging electronic vote machines is not voter fraud it's election fraud and it only takes one person with the code in the a swing state during a very close election, not thousands of brown people voting illegally, with the properly forged documents to register, never voting in the namme of someone whose already been to the poll or shows up later, travelling the state, maintaining operational secrecy, election year after election year without any of them getting caught. Who can beleive this shit! SHEESH!

Philip Hein said...

Hi Sean
My bad on misreading the number of convitions. Still, one is too many. And that was only convictions. The way the system is now, with same day registration, electronic proof of residency, not having to prove that you are who you say you are--I believe the system is being taken advantage of. As far as offering a reward goes, I've decided to participate in the process instead. I can think of no reason for the GAB to act the way they've acted other than to make it easier to abuse the system. Why not let inspectors of both parties closer than 6 feet? Your point about forged documents is a good one. Like I said, I'll see how it goes on Tuesday (from 6feet away).
I know that driver's licsences don't list fellons, but if a fellon comes in to vote with an ID, they won't be able to. There's no magic wand, but voter ID will help.
All the impediments to getting an ID for voting are already being overcome to get an ID for all the things I mentioned. As I said before, when the voter ID law is upheld (and it will be) there will be lots of help for people who need it if they don't already have an ID.
I respect the fact that you (but not the majority) don't want someone you consider a divide and conquer asshole for governor. I didn't want an unqualified idiot for president, but it never dawned on me to think of recalling/impeaching him just because he pursued his political agenda. That went for Doyle, too.
My point was money spent on the recall vs money spent to implement voter ID.
We can agree to disagree on this one. I'm just passionate about voter ID and keeping the system as honest as we can make it. Nothing will make it foolproof, but we need to do more than let someone walk in with bogus/uninspectable proof of residency and no ID and vote.
It's a shame when we call for boycotts of businesses because they express a political opinion that differs from our own. I don't believe those signs are intimidating or surpressing anyone.
As far as "who can believe this shit, sheesh" goes, don't forget it works both ways. I still don't understand how republicans can ever lose. Your point about "maintaining operational security, year after year without getting caught" is very valid!


Philip Hein said...

PS I know you can't recall a president--the point was if they haven't done anything wrong (not just what we don't agree with) we shouldn't waste money recalling them.

Sean Cranley said...

Lot's of points to address Phil and not much time so pardon me if my response is less than complete.

First let me say that, exept for the fact that it's a waste of time and money, I would have no problem with voter ID IF it was really easy to get one and just about everyone had one. But that is not the case.

Your point about one being too many doesn't hold water. Yes one is too many, but there is a common sense and legal principle called proportionality that holds that the remedy should be inproportion to the problem. And the Republicon answer of "one is one too many" not only doesn't meet that standard, it's an absolutist response that no rational person would apply to other areas of their lives.

One bank robbery is too many. you want to be strip searched everytime you go to the bank?

One automobile fatality is too many. You want 2 mile per hour speed limits?

As for all the other things you list as needing an ID for, those are discretionary things and none of them rise to the the level of our sacerd right to vote on which ALL our other rights depend. And the fact lots and lots of Wisconsinites do not have a state issued photo ID demonstrates that their are a lot of citizen in our state who are not engaging in the activities you list as being so vital, so I guess they are not vital to everyone.

Indiana has DMV's in every county.
Wisconsin does not.
Indiana's DMV's are all open routinely.
Wisconsin's are not, in fact some of them are only open one day per month!

Those and other considerations were taken into account by the Supreme court in looking at Indiana's law. Address those issue in Wisconsin will add even more cost to a law that seeks to stop something that is vastly more unlikely than you getting struck by lightning. And in the meantime it will make it much more difficult and in some cases impossible for legitimate citizens to excecise their right to vote. And THAT is the real intent of the Republicons in pushing voter ID and THAT is disgusting!

There is a Wisconsin woman inher 80's who has voted in every election since the 1940's. She wasn't born in a hospital and has no birth certificate an so under voter ID she can no longer vote.

Recall is IN the Constition.
Voter ID (and act 10) are Unconstitutional.

I have no problem with businesses who are owned and run by Republicons. when I go to buy something, I don't ask myself, "is this a Republican owned business?" but when businesses decide to politicize their business and especially in the disgusting way these two have, then they should expect that there will be a reaction from people who disagree with the positions that they have decided put out there in a very public way. They have a right to do it, but they brought the REaction on through THEIR ACTIONS.

Philip Hein said...

Everyone who needs an ID is going to be able to get one.

The voter ID law is constitutional, and will be held up as such (of course, after the election). Same with Act 10.

What was the proportionality of the recall?

See you at the polls!

Sean Cranley said...

Oh look another prophet of the Cult of Con, foreseeing the future. Well if you declare it to be so, then who am I to argue? So let it be written, so let it be done all hail the mighty Con!

Philip Hein said...

Oh look another prophet of the cult of the left. Let's see what happens, shall we?

Sean Cranley said...

You make no sense calling me a "prophet", because, unlike you and your Cult of Con prognosticating bretheren, I have not made any predictions. And I won't be because I recognise that I cannot see the future or influence it by making bullshit statements.