Monday, June 20, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday, afternoon,
I'm just beginning to see,
Now I'm on my way,
It doesn't matter to me,
Chasing the clouds away.

Something, calls to me,
The trees are drawing me near,
I've got to find out why
Those gentle voices I hear
Explain it all with a sigh.

The GOPsters didn't want to have to vote on the union busting bill again because it's deeply unpopular with the public, would have caused a new round of protests and would have provided a kickoff reminder as to why we want to recall the A$$holes in the upcoming elections. Well they didn't have to because the judicial hacktivists on the wingnut packed Wisconsin Supreme Kangaroo Kourt did the bidding of their political masters showing again the lie that is "justice" and the "independent judiciary".

Jeff Fitzgerald: "If need be, we are going to have to pass collective bargaining again because it is such an integral part of not having those services slashed and those people laid off," Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, R-Horicon, said of the plan, which is currently held up in court. Fitzgerald said he expects the state Assembly to take up the $66 billion two-year spending plan on Tuesday and will add collective bargaining limits as an amendment if the Supreme Court fails to act on the plan by Tuesday afternoon. The court last week heard oral arguments on whether a legislative conference committee violated the state's open meetings law when it rushed passage of the provision in March. "I'm an optimist. I still think they might rule yet," Fitzgerald said. "They still have some time."

When did the Judicial Hacktivists act? TUESDAY AFTERNOON!

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Nemo said...

Spc Emilio J. Campo Jr.,
Spc Michael B. Cook Jr.,
Spc. Christopher B. Fishbeck,
Spc Robert P. Hartwick,
and Pfc Michael C. Olivieri.

Died in Iraq in the last 6 days.

Tell me sean, why did you vote Democrat in 2008?