Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Coffee Official Trailer

And guess who was involved in this coordinated attack on justice for average people, KARL ROVE, when he worked for Philip Morris. Now I know why he has the ethics of a tobacco executive!

What really happened:


Sean Cranley said...

This article is an excellent explanation about why this is WAY bigger than McDonalds Coffee or Stella Liebeck.

It's about the girl who was raped by KBR in Iraq and told she had no legal recourse. It's about the buying of state supreme court seats to remove judges viewed as sympathetic to victims of corprate injury. It's about a systematic corporate attack on our 7th amendment right to a trial with a jury to seek redress for grievances.


Yours Truly,


Nemo said...

Dear CorpSerf (ID OIMFD-OURFD-2),

You are right. There is no reason to go the polls anymore. There's no difference between Repubs and Dems. How many wars are we currently up to with a Dem President? 3? 4? I've lost count. Better to re-live the old ways and march around with cowbells and slogans as our hippie forefathers did. Effective and fun!