Friday, April 08, 2011

Mythology of the Cult of Con

Can you imagine the wailing & gnashing from the Cult of Con if 8,000 votes had appeared two days late out of Milwaukee instead of Brookfield? Brown people are stealing our votes! As it was Wanker had already segregated Madison off as not part of Wiscinsin.


Nemo said...

You're wrong. The numbers never changed at the local level, the votes were just not adding in by the clerk.

And the news just keeps getting better.

Did you hear the rumor that, if the Prosser victory holds (it will), one of the liberal minority members of the court is set to resign. I understand that Kloppenberg is not on Walkers short list for judicial appointments. Life is good.

Sean Cranley said...

I'm not wrong Nemo. I simply pointed out that if this error had occured in Milwaukee the Republicons like you would be going ape shit. You would. Just admit it.

I made no statement regarding whether there was any nefarious about what happened. In fact that was not my first reaction to the news. And I'm not making any predictions now. I believe the system will work and the correct amount of votes cast will be tallied and the proper winner declared.

You should actually take the time to read what I write, not what you think I'm going to write in your predeterministic little brain.

Nemo said...

I can't speak for anyone but myself sean, but I would not have gone "ape shit" had this type of clerical error occurred in Milwaukee. Disappointed? Yes. As I was earlier in the day on Wednesday when Prosser's lead left him after another county's errors were reported. I can only conclude that you either don't know any real Conservatives or this is just another projection thing.

Sean Cranley said...

Knowing how totally abought in to the mythology of the Cult of Con, I don't believe you have assumed it to be a "clerical error" if it had happened in Milwaukee.

So a man who demonstrated over and over that he hasn't the temperment or judgment to serve on the bench has likely been re-elected and you're happy because he's a conservative and that's all that matters to you. Nice Nemo, very nice.

Nemo said...

Justice Prosser has the temperament and experience to continue to be a fine Judge.

Kloppenberg's experience mostly consists of having watched an episode of Ally McBeal. Fine for traffic court, not so good for the highest court in the state.

The big question is which one will resign:

The Charming Abrahamson

The Traitor Crooks

The Drone Walsh Bradley

My money's on Crooks. He's the oldest and does not seem to have the heart to continue to fight.

Nemo said...

Okay, Abrahamson is about 5 years older than Crooks, but I still think that Crooks is the one to resign.