Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jeremy Ryan Getting Hit By Tea Party Guy With Sign!! SHARE!!

Is this conservative who engaged in political violence a "Thug"? My guess is no, he's probably someone who let their politically passions momentarily get the better of him. Should we use his example to paint them all as "thugs"? Of course not!

I’ve heard so called conservatives use the word “thug” to refer to union members more in the last two months than I’ve heard it used in my entire life. I can only assume it must be one of their propaganda talking points, you know, such as ”waste, fraud and abuse” or “prosperity”. The GOPsters have brought a lot of things to average Americans over the years, prosperity isn’t one of them.

Thug, Noun 1. A violent person, especially a criminal. 2. A member of a religious organization of robbers and assassins in India, suppressed by the British in the 1830s. I’m going to assume they're attempting to use the former definition, not the latter.

I’m not a union member or a public employee, nor is anyone in my immediate family, but I am for the moment still a member of the middle class besieged by the Republican Party and their plutocratic patrons. I don’t know how many of these demonstrations the folks applying this term have been to, but I’ve been to a dozen or more both locally and in Madison and I’ve yet to see a single “thug”, no violence, no criminals, none whatsoever. In fact when I was at one of the protest rallies in Madison I spoke with several law enforcement officers, including a policeman from Manitowoc. He was very complimentary of the demonstrators and said he had witnessed no violence in the weeks that he had been there and that of the hundreds of thousands of people who had come to the capitol over the weeks, there had been only 9 arrests for minor incidents, mostly disorderly conduct. He said that was “nothing” and that you get more than that at a single Brewer or Packer game.

We've all seen how Fux Snooze invented supposed Thuggery in Madison: http://www.prwatch.org/spin/2011/03/10253/fox-news-madison-protest-footage-aims-deceive Funny thing though, I don't recall seeing palm trees or mounted police in Madison as their video footage displayed. So Cult of Con memebers, why not do us all a favor? Pull your heads out of you AM radios, stop doing the Fux Snooze and if you're going to call people names try to do it with a decent basis in reality.

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