Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The GOPbuser Protection Act of 2011

Part of the GOPster corporate takeover involves an attack on the Constitutional Right of The People to seek redress for their grievances in order to protect Corprate ASSets. They call it "Tort Reform" and use the GOPmyth of many frivolous lawsuits and outrageous awards as cover for the schilling for their corporate sponsors.

That's bad enough, but their assualt on the rights of the most vulnerable among us to receive justice is nothing less than DISPICABLE!

Please take a moment to read the attached letter from Disability Rights Wisconsin et. al. to see what being done to the defenseless in your name, for one reason, the conservation of money for the Ownership of Greed Oligarch's Party. It's only 3 pages, but what it reveals . . .

EXCERPT:For the large number of elderly residents of nursing homes or group homes who have any degree of memory loss, for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, and for many people with mental illness, asking the resident to testify about the abuse they experienced is not a realistic option (they may not clearly recall the events or their testimony may not be convincing to the court). The most accurate and compelling evidence of physical or mental abuse they have experienced in a facility would be a) an incident report created by staff of the facility contemporaneous with the incident, as required by federal and or state law; and b) investigative reports generated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). SB 1 explicitly prohibits prosecutors, residents, families, guardians, or advocates from using either of those types of reports in any criminal or civil legal proceeding. This prohibition applies to all state, county, and private long term care, psychiatric, or children’s facilities.

Republicons just make me SICK!


Nemo said...

Surely not all Republicans make you sick.

Sean Cranley said...

No just those in power (with a few exceptions). The misled masses inspire pity and scorn for the ignorance and extremism that allows them to follow by people who would condone such disppicable cruelty and callousness.

But perhaps I'm missing something. Perhaps you can explain. Is there some reasoning behind it? Do you know what the rationale is that the Republicans are using to justify their prohibitions on using Incident Reports required by federal law or Investigative Reports by DHS which I presume are done according to State law or administrative code requirements?

Nemo said...

Glad to see that MLK does not make you sick. Would have been unsettling to find otherwise just after MLK day.

I'm not a lawyer and am currently to lazy to look up the reason(s) for you. My guess would be to restrict the players of the legal lottery (big money! big money! no wammy!) to those that have actually been harmed.

On a more macro level, keep in mind the words of John Locke, "Human history is a record of irrepressible conflict between Power and Liberty, with Power (government) always standing ready to increase its scope by invading people's rights and encroaching upon their liberties."

I would guess that it would make government smaller and individual freedom greater or at least trend that way.

Sean Cranley said...

Thank you Nemo for quoting enlightenment philosopher John Locke widely known as the Father of Liberalism.

Perhaps you realize that the government he was for was a representative democracy and the government he was working against as a dictatorial monarchy. Let's talk more about him and his Social Contract.

The rest of your rambling is almost idecipherable and not really a good explanation of the abuse that your GOPster masters are promoting.