Thursday, January 20, 2011

62% of Americans: Leave Obamacare as is or Make it do MORE!

A January 2011 AP Poll shows 62% of Americans like Obamcare as is, or want to see it changed so that it does more. See Table HC14a, above.


Sean Cranley said...

Click image to enlarge.

Nemo said...

"A telephone survey of the American general population"

Almost, but not quite, an accurate measure of the voting public as

a) Phrenology

b) Extispicy

c) Predictions by AGW acolytes

d) Asking your cat "Mittens"

You should include this post in a resume to Mad magazine (Alfred e Cranley!).


Sean Cranley said...

Thank you Nemo for quoting enlightenment philosopher John Locke widely known as the Father of Liberalism.

Perhaps you realize that the government he was for was a representative democracy and the government he was working against as a dictatorial monarchy. Let's talk more about him and his Social Contract.

The rest of your rambling is almost idecipherable and not really a good explanation of the abuse that your GOPster masters are promoting.

Nemo said...

The irony of using John Locke's words to undermine big government is not lost on me. Kinda like it.

Did you get the last part of your post from your cat "Mittens"?