Sunday, November 07, 2010

Why the Republicans Will FAIL to Improve the Edonomy

This article from the Washington Monthly hits the nail right on the head.

To summarize, they're plan isn't based on improving the economy, it's based on kowtowing to a political ideology that doesn't care about the economy.

And they're wedded to a series of "solutions" that have been proven not to work.

And they ignore solutions that were proven to work in the past (during FDR's days, among others), because those solutions don't fit in with their ideology.

So, even if they accomplish their spurious goals, it won't help the middle class.

(The upper class, though, will make off like bandits -- as they've been doing ever since the days of Ronald Reagan.)

But read the article and see for yourself.  It's not very long.

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Sean Cranley said...

"the one economic policy Republicans will fight for, no matter what, is the one economic policy we know didn't work."

That and the fact that the Republicons don't care about reality, they have an ideology to enact says it all.

Thanks to the short, easily manipulated memory of the American electorate we've got Casy Jones back in cabin, full steam ahead!