Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why the Democratic Party Sucks

If you want to know why the Democratic Party sucks give a listen to this week's This American Life episode:

The first part of the show is about some Michigan Tea Partiers and how quickly they are co-opted by the Republicans and turned into GOPocrits. It's amusing and worth a listen.

The last twenty minutes is a discussion with Paul Begala, Clinton's political advisor about why the Democrats suck. In short, they're wusses and they always have an excuse to not press their advantage when they get the chance. It'll make you want to tear your hair out.

But like always say, I hate the Republicans for who they are. I hate the Democrats for who they refuse to be.


Nemo said...

Sounds like you're full of a lot of hate (explains many of your charming forensic moments).

What specifically do you hate about Republicans?

Sean Cranley said...

My dear forensic Nemo. If after a couple years of exchanges with me you're still in the dark about why hate this Republicon Party, there's several years worth of my material that you can read here: as well as on this blog and the associated yahoo group that contains five years of my writing and can be accessed and joined by using the link on left hand side of the blog page.

You can also google my name and access letter to the editor, many of which I've written regarding the nefarious deeds of the GOPsters. Bon appetite and thank you for your expressed interest.

Nemo said...

I've found your past posts to be as much about unfocused rage as about opposition to any specific policy. I'll make it easy for you. What is one thing I believe that would cause you to hate me*?

*While I consider myself to not necessarily be a "Republican" I do share their less government/more freedom philosophy and have (surprise!) voted for them in the past.

Sean Cranley said...

Nemo, I didn't say that I hate you or other rank and file Republicans. I have complete disdain for the Party and it's leadership for reasons that I've made more than clear.

But if you want me to pick one attribute that you share with the GOPsters for which I have no respect, it's the insistence of ceaselessly and doggedly promoting the big lies of their on going misinformation campaign, their lack of integrity and dearth of intellectual honesty. Have a great weekend.

darkknight21 said...

Sean Cranley sounds like a very dangerous man somewhat bent towards violence in his rambling musings. He sounds like he hates everyone who doesn't agree with him. Hitler was like that. I'm not a democrat or republican, but, I'll bet he hates me too because I don't agree with the tyrannical beliefs he portrays in his writings. See, he is the type of single minded person who can't find a single thing to agree with because they are the "evil republicans" and nothing they say matters. Only what he says matters. Scary dude.