Monday, August 02, 2010

La La La La, La La La La Nemo's World!

I've been taking Denis and Nemo to task at for their belief in the twin lies of "failing Public Schools" and "legions of Bad teachers" which of course is GOPropaganda framing to attack public schools and teachers unions for cynical political purposes only. Schools don't fail, students do. And it's obvious that students living in areas of concentrated poverty fail in concentrated numbers. But of course to these two and the rest of the Cons, it's not the concentrated poverty and all the social ills that go with it, it's the schools fault and the teachers fault even though the rest of our public, unionized schools are doing well and have for generations.

Anyway, Nemo asked me a question about a source which I answered and appologized for. I asked him to answer questions I've asked him on this site about his sources (or lack thereof) of global warming denial scientists doing actual research for credible institutions. He declined, saying it would be off topic here and Kay would ban him and then passed along this link:

So I've elected to give Nemo his legit link so he can explain how this guy is credible when you consider this:

On the site linked by Nemo, the good doctor goes to great links to say that he's never taken a dime from the fossil industries. The only problem is he was employed writing columns for TCS Daily which was owned by DCI Group, a lobbying firm that works for ExxonMobil. He is also a board Member at the George C Marshall Institute, one of the Merchants of Doubt that works for "sound science" on behalf of . . . you guessed it, the fossil and tobacco industries.

He was a speaker (paid? unpaid?) at an anti-global warming conference sponsored by the Heartland Group. The conference was funded largely by the fossil industry. The Heartland Group is a Public Relations (deception) firm that is funded by the fossil and tobaccoo industries.

Best of all Spencer is a religious nut. He works at the University of Alabama Huntsville along with his reality-denial collegue and fellow fundamentalist nut, Prof. John Christy who, by the way believes that man does not have the power to affect the climate. His position is that only God has that power. The absurdity of which is readily apparent with only the breifest consideration of the man-made destructive force held in the American and Russian nuclear arsenals.

Mr. Spencer believes that intelligent design and not evolution should be taught in our schools and advocates that environmental policy should be based on a biblical view (whatever that is) rather than science. And this guy calls himself a scientist?

Like many deniers (Christy for one) and like our own GOPster state rep Jim Ott, whose special skills involve standing in front of a weather map, pointing and talking, Mr. Spencer is a meteorologist NOT a climatologist.

This is the type of source that Nemo always brings to the table to support his belief in a global climate conspiracy. Anyway, one down. Got any more stellar sources Nemo? How's bout another roughly translated Czech blog? That'd be just spiffy.

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