Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drink to your Health!

I went to a grocery store last weekend and out front there was a group of people who were raising money for a kid who has contracted Type 2 Diabetes, what was once refered to as Adult Onset Diabetes. It was bizzare though because in order to raise the funds they selling candy bars, soda and potato chips. I wonder if they were completely unconscious of the irony or if perhaps they were trying to help share their experience with the friends and families of others.

But what was really disturbing about the scene was their apparently complete lack in understanding of the American health care system. Everyone knows that the appropriate response to a catastrophic or chronic health problem in these United States (even more particularly in Wisconsin!) is to hold a charity fundraiser at a bar. That way everybody can have a great time, raise a completely inadequate sum of money compared to the mounting and on-going medical bills while soothing their consciences with the falacy that they actually accomplished something good and meaningful while swilling thier beer. Why it's a win/lose/win proposition and hell, two outta three ain't bad!

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