Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th Desecrated Again - Strike Two in Waterford

For the second year since the election of a moderate democrat as President who is also half black, the Independence Day parade in Waterford, Wisconsin, has been desecrated by the display of a confederate flag. These two never-before-seen events, the election of a man of color as President of our country by a majority of free Americans and the parading of southern culture on the skids, are of course directly connected. What other purpose could the shameless people responsible possibly intend?

In this clear expression of teabaggy fear and hatred, the disgusting symbol of slavery and oppression was misplaced along side Old Glory, our nation’s symbol of freedom and democracy. It was also misplaced along side the flag of Wisconsin, a union state that fought on the victorious side of freedom 150 years ago. A state whose motto, “Forward” reflects our progressive culture moving toward a better future for our people and away from the dense ignorance of past evils.

Fly your ignorance, fear and hate 364 days a year down Waterford’s main drag, but on the day celebrating the birth American freedom this is an atrocity a kin to donning swastika armbands.

Maybe those who have yet to learn the lessons of freedom from the revolution, the civil war, the civil rights triumph and beyond should go south, to the mess in Texas for example and fulfill their threat to secede. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Then perhaps we won’t have this garbage again next year. Shame on you!

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