Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Move Your Money!

Wall Street has ceased to be about capitalism, which involves investing in companies that produce goods and services of value and has turned into a casino, betting (not investing) on derivatives and credit default swaps that produce no inherent value. In the process they have damaged the U.S. and world economy and squandered the wealth of millions of innocent Americans.

They have used their money to usurp the people's representation in our government, change the rules that governed themselves and thereby created a crisis whereby the money paid by the citizenry in taxes had to be used to save them and avert a complete global meltdown, diverting attention and resources from other critical needs and boosting federal debt.

Too big to fail should mean too too big to exist, but they'll fight this and any other regulation tooth and nail with their undo influence and bribery. A new movement has been started to encourage people to move their money out of the big Gall Street banks and into community banks to send a message and punish the greedmongers:

Personally, I'd encourage people to join a credit union instead, but I think their on the right track. Take your money away from the bankster-robberbarron-riverboat-gamblers and put it in your own community!

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