Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Fallacy of the GOParty Line

Because they must criticize Obama no matter what he does or says, all the little GOPpositionsits, including of course Paully the Parrotboy” Ryan are running around spouting the same approved gandabyte talking point; if we set a time table, our enemies will just wait us out. The thing is, if you have audacity to think about it for a moment, this tired old party line (they said the same thing about Iraq) falls apart utterly. And of course they conveniently ignore the inconvenient truth that President Obama explicitly stated that the drawing down of forces would be contingent on conditions on the ground.

If the matter was as simplistic as the GOPsters “logic” would have us all believe (or as their mental constructs allow) the Taliban need only have stopped fighting a couple years ago and we’d be leaving now based on favorable conditions on the ground, in country. They could then start their movement back up again. But movements don’t work that way, they’re like sharks, they either move or they die.

So we see yet again that when exposed to a modicum of critical thinking the GOPlogic that seems to make sense on the simplistic surface is hollow in the middle like a rotten tree. But I guess they feel they must come up with something negative with which to prop themselves up. And of course, never meeting a war they didn’t love, they’ll never be satisfied with anything less than war without end, amen.