Monday, November 24, 2008

What Do You Do When Your Party Sucks?

Suck harder!

I found this analysis of the state of our GOPster friends to be such an uplifting read that I simply had to share it and spread the good vibes:

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Rich said...

For a reportedly tolerant bunch of folks, it seems that quite a few Progressives are very willing to lump Republicans all together in one demonized basket. Isn't that nearly the definition of Predjudice?

To clear things up a bit of course there are fiscal conservatives, and Value-based conservatives. But then there are also Republicans that kinda like the Constitution as it is and don't care to see it and the Federal Government grow liberally and progressively. Where does this desire for growth come from? It sure doesn't come from the Constitution itself. But I could be wrong.

It seems to me that many Dems, Liberals, and Progressives don't really care all that much that the Constitution does not say that it's the POTUS's job to save us all. They just seem to feel, assume, and want that to be what he's supposed to do.

Instead, I actually read the document and would prefer my President to do the same and NOT be my "brother's keeper" as he proclaimed in his DNC acceptance speach.