Saturday, October 29, 2016

To My 3rd Party Voting Friends - Vote Hillary!

So, basically, you’re saying “A Trump Presidency is okay with me.”  Because one of two people is going to win this election: Hillary or Trump.  One of those two, nobody else.  And even if Trump wins BY 1 VOTE, he still takes ALL this state’s electoral votes.  Which is NOT okay.  But here’s 4 GREAT REASONS to vote for Hillary:

  1. Hillary believes that climate change is real and will work urgently to stop and reverse it rather than hand our children a ruined ecosphere.
  2. Hillary believes that we deserve a good national healthcare system (ACA) and will work to improve it rather than dismantle it.
  3. Hillary believes in a strong fully funded Social Security system, rather than one given to Wall Street to gamble with.
  4. Hillary believes that corporations are NOT people, and will appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Citizen’s United.

There are dozens of other great reasons to support Hillary for the Presidency, but if none of them matter to you (and if it doesn’t matter to you who Bernie Sanders is supporting), then by all means, cast your vote for someone else and help Trump win.  Even if it’s only by 1 VOTE.  But I HOPE that you’ll join me and vote for HILLARY.  Please.

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Nemo said...

Stephen, addressing your enumerated list in order...

1) The United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, no matter how sciencey.

2) The ACA is a disaster and needs repeal.

3) Ponzi scheme fraud needs to be replaced with real economics.

4) Stare decisis!

That being said, let me extend some sympathy for the anguish you must be feeling after the events of November 8th. Any elation I personally felt was tempered by the despair I saw in the eyes of the democratic faithful. For what it's worth, I have enjoyed posts here. Even some things muttered by sean have caused me to modify my political views. Keep the faith, America needs a strong and reasoned opposition.