Thursday, September 01, 2016

History's Trickling Echoes

"We told them the wealth would trickle down!"
I woke up last night and couldn't get back to sleep, so I did what I always do, read a book. Currently, I'm reading Poland, a historical novel by James Michener and I came upon an unexpected, but very interesting passage (pp 219-20), as follows:

Very rich people-in all nations-can be divided into two catagories; those with brains and those without. Those with brains make a great effort to hold on to every penny they have while preaching to the general population that freedom and dignity and patriotism are possible only under their protection; in this way they elicit the support of the very people they hold in subjection. the magnates of Poland used this tactic brilliantly, preaching loudly; "The most insignificant member of the gentry with one horse and sword is the equal of the most powerful magnate in his castle," while at the same time depriving landless gentry of almost all rights and treating them with contempt. The peasant was kept happy by being assured that it was the magnate who defended Christianinty. The townsman, who was allowed no rights whatsoever, was reminded: "It is the magnate who protects your freedom and your shop." And all were told repeatedly: "If the magnate is left free to accumulate his great wealth, you can be sure that some of it will sift down to you.

They're the "Suckers" and so are we!


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