Friday, December 18, 2015

Goodbye Wisconsin!

In a Secret Ceremony, on the eve of the one year anniversary of the publication of the video version of my song The Badgered State Blues (12/17/14), Wrong Way Walker signed a bill dismantling Wisconsin's Non-Partisan Ethics and Elections Board, doubling the level of bribery allowed to our so call "Representatives" and making secret the economic interests of the Bribers.

How ironic and appropriately inappropriate and one more big reason to lament the systematic dismantling of our beloved Republics (state and federal) by our Plutocratic Rulers!

I was Proud to be a Wisco Kid you see
We were the Laboratory of Democracy
With Goodwill, Progress, a government Clean and Pure
But Corrupticons have come to Rule
With Felons and Cronies in a Big Cesspool
And I don't feel like I'm from here anymore.

Not from here anymore, not from here anymore
You can take the whole damn state and shove it right up . . you're
Gonna regret the stage you've set
Them chickens ain't back home roostin yet
and we don't feel like we're from here anymore

Goodbye Wisconsin!

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Nemo said...

Merry Christmas Sean.