Friday, November 20, 2015

Money Isn't Speech, But a Democracy Drowning Megaphone!

Last night Nate Hamilton was arrested for disturbing the peace when he refused to stop using a megaphone in the public square. Nate is the brother of Dontre Hamilton who was shot to death by a Milwaukee policeman last year for sleeping on a park bench. Nate and the Coalition for Justice were protesting at the Christmas tree lighting in Red Arrow Park where his brother was gunned down.

You see if you use a megaphone in a public square and drown out the voices of the other people who are rightfully there participating in a public event, you get arrested for disorderly conduct. The very same standard should apply to America's Billionaire's. We all have the right to speak, but Money is their Megaphone. And they are drowning out the voices of the rest of America in our public square while we're rightfully participating in the Most Sacred Public Event of All, OUR ELECTIONS!

Money isn't Speech. It's the Megaphone Drowning Democracy's Voices!

It gets even worse, because while we are allowed to know that it was Nate Hamilton using his megaphone for civil disobedience, the same standard does not apply to our Billionaire Rulers. These Traitors are buying our right to democratic representation out from under us and they're doing it ANONYMOUSLY!

The first Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, but it says nothing about Megaphones or Anonymity. The masked Donors Deluging OUR Representatives are our Jihadi Johns and Our Republic is Bound and on it's Knees!

Ban Billionaire Bullhorns!

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Sean Cranley said...

Ban Billionaire Bullhorns!