Thursday, July 03, 2014

Declare Your Independence This 4th of July!

Final Push for Move to Amend in Burlington this Weekend!
Five men costumed in priestly robes have now bestowed souls on so-called 'corporate persons" in Merica. It's time to end this heresy confronting our democracy. And you can help this Independence Day weekend when we celebrate the beginning of our revolution, sparked not only by the plutocratic dictates of the British crown, but also by the predatory monopoly of the East India Company, the global corporate behemoth of its time and the target of the Boston tea Party!
We're so close to our goal, but time is running out! Come to Echo Lake Park after 3:00 on the Fourth of July and add your John Hancock to the petitions to get a referendum on the ballot in the City of Burlington in November advising our representatives of the need to overturn the Extreme Court's ruling on Citizen United vs FEC and affirm that corporations are not "People" they are legal constructs and money is not speech, it's merely amplification. We will have folks there to collect your signature. All you need to be is a resident of the City and eligible to register and vote.
Besides, you're going to have fun at the Dance and Fireworks and I personally vouch for the band Lunchmoney Bullies!
You can also stop by 324 Amanda St. on Saturday (7/5) between 9:30 and 2:00 from where we will be canvassing and sign the petition or pickup a walk packet and get some exercise, fresh air and signatures!
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