Thursday, May 22, 2014

Witch Hunt

I didn't write this song about the Republicons hatred of Obama. But with the GOPsters gearing up for another run at the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi "scandal" the conversion of my rough audio recording into a video could not have been more timely.

I also feel I must point out that once again the Cult of Con is enraged and engaged in rank GOPocrisy. You see the equivalent of 13 Benghazi's occurred during Bushyboy's reign of error, without a peep from our elephantine friends. Four people were tragically killed during the Benghazi attack, while 13 attacks above killed 94! The Republicons could investigate these, but no.

Even better, the Reptilian Republicon Hatriots could investigate the Bushite War Criminals who lied us into the unprovoked attack on Iraq the resulted in the massive loss of blood and treasure with the death of over 4,000 (One Thousand Benghazis!) Americans and several hundred thousand Iraqis. But they're not interested in real justice, they just need to feed their fear and loathing of the black guy in the Whitehouse.

Witch Hunt features:
Sean Cranleys on vocals;
Skim Crumbly on finger style acoustic guitar;
Scat Cratley of a lead guitar;

Cran Codiddilehopper on 5-string banjo; and
Sham "Blowhard" Cranster on hamonica

Recorded and produced by Scan Crinkley Studios

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