Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teabaggers Endorse Social Welfare!


I concur with President Obama. The IRS should definitely NOT be political. I mean why would they question Tea Party creds as tax exempt social welfare groups? Everyone knows the TPs are socialistic and all about promoting the general welfare, right? Hell, welfare is practically their middle name! And they loves them some socialists, ya'll! Kenyan, Kansasan, Muslim, Hawaiian, Gnomish, Yeti, any kind.

I mean it's not as if the white, the old and the red of neck sprang up like locusts out of nowhere in 2009 over any particularly dark political event, campaign or election that preceded their emergence! Clearly the sincerity of the teatotaler's social conscience is beyond question. And I'm sure they're hurt and deeply regretful over the current discourteous misunderstanding with their dear friends at the IRS and that they bear no ill will. So don't be TEA'd. Simply smile, sip and point your pinky!

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Sean Cranley said...

Oh and what sort of groups were springing up in great numbers over the time period in question? Venomous Vipers, not liberal or progressive groups. We mostly sprang up from 2000-2008 in response to Bu$hyboy's treason!

I mean nationally of course, because in Wisconsin the progressive grassroots got a boost in 2011, because Scott's a Turf Builder and Full o Fertilizer.

So OF COURSE the IRS was looking at the TPs, they were the groups applying in droves!

And let's not forget that the Bushites were spying on peace groups. Alberto Gonzalez and Karl Rove were pressuring U.S. Attorneys to trump up voter fraud cases against innocent people so they could use that to suppress voters. Hell I can't even begin to recall the endless stream of crapitalism the GOPsters pulled under Georgie boy!

The Dems generally believe in fair play. The Republicons absolutely don't. The Dems generally play nice. The Republicons always play dirty. They have a hidden political or crapitalistic agenda behind everything they do. They're crafty and sneaky! Why won't the Dems for once tell the Cons to just Fuck Off?!

I guess it's because the Dems still believe in representative democracy. The Cons think that's all a big joke, worth laughing at all the way to the banksters. Patriots? No Traitors!