Friday, November 11, 2011

Hot Coffee - Occupy the Plaza Theater!


Nemo said...

Did you ever get a song stuck in your head?

(sung to the tune of Margaritaville)

Wasted away again in moocheritaville.
Looking to forfeit on my student loan.
Obama claims that George Bush is to blame.
But I tell ya, it's his own damm falt.

Nemo: Engineer, Bard.

Sean Cranley said...

Nemo's gotta nursery rhyme lodged in his cortex.
Like a speck circlin round the bath tub drain.
Typical type of tempest in a TEApot vortex.
Posing as the product of a working brain.

Minor point Bardo, but line two and line four are supposed to rhyme. Shucks yew ingineerd that reel gewd!

Nemo, thank you, thank you dude for twice the daily entertainment due!

Hey Folks:

Please bring a non-perishible food item for Love Incorporated's "Moocheritaville" in honor of El Bardo - the Clueless! AKA Nemo.

I'm going to put that last bit on the posters around town here Nemo. Thank you for your continued "service"! HA!

"Moochritaville" - I'd hide behind a pseudonym too if I were as clueless as yew, El Bardoo!

Don't you wish you'd confined your spewful musings to the likes of Free Racine?
Where you have the cover of other self deluselings to help keep your cognitive dissonance clean?

Nemo said...

Please sean, feel free to use Moocheritaville and cite the Engineer/Bard who first penned it (well, keyed it anyways).

I'm a bit embarrassed with the spelling (falt = fault) but the meter and rhyming scheme work within the Margaritaville framework. At least on an artistic level. Wanted to include a pop top/pot smoke line but ran out of time. That's fine. Such a line would have just lead me down a more descriptive path in depicting Moocheritaville. Creating lines that include rape, ringworm, murder and heroin (described as the perfect whatever drug!) would make the Jimmy Buffett inspired "nursery rhyme" a bit dark, don't you think? Heh.

El Bardo? Aye carumba!

Sean Cranley said...

Personally I thought it sucked, but then I'm not a fan of parody, even well it's done well and without the ill will that typifies people like you and El Snortbo.

Nemo said...

Any chance I can get one of those Moocheritaville posters?

Sean Cranley said...

byob WhINE About Walker with JOHN NICHOLS! SLUE/Recall office 616 Droster Ave Burlington. Friday Dec 2nd 4:30 pm. Bring your own adult beverage and non-perishable food for Love Inc.

This event is open to teachers and recall volunteers. So you can go get your bachelors degree AND your teaching certificate OR you can VOLUNTEER!

Let's get out there while the weather's nice! Call me for opportunites for drive up petition signing locations. And we'll see YOU and JOHN NICHOLS on the 2nd!

Voluntering not in your future you say? Small donations would help us buy recall signs and bumper stickers that are consistently requested by people wanting to sign petitions. We can use them to raise additional funds for more signs to further spread the message!

Thank you.


Nemo said...

No on the poster? Fine.

Since the goal(s) of the recall effort seems to be to undo the Walker reforms, shouldn't you end your byob thingy comment with BACKWARD! Heh.