Monday, May 02, 2011

Where did the debt come from? The Post & Bloomberg know.

A really good article about where the National Debt (see clock at left) comes from?

The simple answer: tax cuts and unpaid for spending -- including wars.  And you'll never guess who's responsible for most of it...

Okay, probably you will guess -- but Tea Baggers and Republicans won't.


Sean Cranley said...

I predict that just as 9/11 was Clinton's fault, getting Osama will be credited to the actions of the Bush administration, at least in the Cult of Con. And yet we will still live with the anamoly that the all the debt we've run up since Clinton left us with a surplus is Obama's fault and the result of not cutting taxes enough for the "job creators".

Sean Cranley said...

Btw, Paully Ryan voted for EVERY SINGLE ONE of the those deficit producing measures, except Obama's stimulus - HYPOCRITE!

Nemo said...

Ah, sean, actions taken by the Bush administration did help in the "double tap" of Osama. You don't have to like it, but that's irrefutable.

Stephen, so the path to prosperity is pursued by punishing producers? (alliteration!)

And finally, sean, did you see the results of Canada's election? Heh, heh!

Nemo said...

Still, I have to give Obama credit. The President succeeded where Bush failed. He got Democrats to accept the President having the authority to kill anyone on earth - including American citizens.

Bush never could have managed that.