Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GOPants On Fire

Since conservatism survives on a series of big lies swallowed by their gulligle minions, it's only fitting that politifact has chosen the adnnauseum repeated GOPsterism "Government take over of healthcare" as the 2010 Lie of the Year: http://politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2010/dec/16/lie-year-government-takeover-health-care/

Crafted by GOPundit Frnak Luntz, it has no basis in truth, but Republicons don't care about truth they care about messaging, you know GOPropaganda. Under the reform of broken healthcare system:
- Employers still continue to provide health insurance to the majority of Americans.
- More people will get private haelthcare coverage.
- Exchanges are set up for private insurers to compete to provide coverage to those without insurance
- The government does not run the hospitals
- the government does not employ the doctors
- It's all private, there is not government run public option to compete with private insurers
- Tax credits are provided to assist those with difficulty getting insurance to buy it from a private provider.

So "Government take over" and socialism are just plain lies, period.

By the way, the runner up was fruitcake Michelle Bachman's claim that Obama would spend $200,000,000 per day on his trip to India. No basis in fact there either. But that won't stop millions of Fux Snooze morons from gobbling it down and regurgitating it projectile fashion.


Nemo said...


Sean Cranley said...

Cogent articulation by Nemo of his beliefs and understanding with sylabic economy, such a gift!

Nemo said...

"brevity is the soul of wit", you can't go wrong with the bard.

I especially like number 6:

"The federal government will determine what health benefits are essential -- or not."

Yeah, no government takeover there (unless you actually need health care).


Sean Cranley said...

"Heh" is brevity void of wit, Thou art "a fusty nut with no kernal".

Sean Cranley said...

The government decides many things about the commercial airline industry, is that government takeover? No. You sir are "not so much brain as ear wax."

tom said...


Nemo said...

sean, you don't seem to understand the nature of control. Because you view all problems as black and white, you might lack the sophistication to understand that control comes in several flavors, some subtle, others gross. I submit to you that Obamacare pushes government control of HC toward the latter.

I had to use polysyllabic words and concepts to articulate this position. While I did try to keep it short, the unserious will be befuddled. Sorry about that sean.

Sean Cranley said...

Wow Nemic, two paragraphs of amorphous goop and dreck. You should have stuck with "heh".

Nemo said...

The phrase "amorphous goop and dreck" used to (indirectly) defend the 2700+ pages that are Obamacare? Hilarious! Irony at it's best! Just when I begin to feel that any reasonable exchange of ideas with you is futile, you inject this gem! You're giving us comedy gold here! Heh, heh!

Sean Cranley said...

Thanks Tom!

Yours truely

Sean "Beatles Fan since I was 4" O'Cranley

Nemo said...

Beatles fan, eah? I too must express a certain affinity for the fab four.

Nemo rates the Beatles...

Number 1 : Ringo

Number 2 : Paul

Number 3 : George

Number 4 : John

And your rankings Tom and sean? Be prepared to defend them.