Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One Stop Shopping for Election Thievery & CU vs FEC

In a consolidation of control, Electronic Solutions & Software (ES&S) the largest maker of blackbox voting machines will buy the division of Diebold, Premier Election Solutions that is the second largest producer of blackbox voting machines:

So we as the American Public not only do not own our elections or our representatives, the lobbyists have bought and paid for those, but we increasingly do not own the very machines we're to cast our ballots on. In fact we're not even allowed to see the codes that make them work and ensure that votes are counted properly.As we saw in Ohio in 2004, the real prospect that a few thousand votes might have been flipped in a swing state in a close election is all that is necessary to call into question the electoral results and there democratic representation.

Oh well, today's opening arguments before the Sumpreme Court in the case of Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission may just overturn rules against corporate contributions put in place by Teddy Roosevelt beginning in 1907 and strengthened and upheld as precedent ever since:

If that happens our elections, our country, our government, our democracy and our freedoms may finally be absorbed as wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state.

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