Friday, February 27, 2009

GOPsterland Slayings

At least 8 people are dead from eating salmonella tainted peanuts and hundreds more have been made ill. GOPsterism is once again in the center of complicity. Why you ask? Two of the core tenents of the GOPster faith are:

- Greed is Good
- Regulation is Wrong

So what we've had is a lax regulatory environment where a producer can "self-regulate" allowing him to knowingly ship contaminated peanuts for over a year without getting caught because the delays in shipping were costing him money. If people hadn't gotten sick and they weren't able to trace it back to the source he'd probably still be doing it. Where are the inspectors? Where are the routine reporting requirements?

So in addition to the sick and the dead we've got an entire industry that is suffering through no fault of their own from the farmers who grow the peanuts, to the processors, to companies that use the peanuts in their products, to the wholesalers and retailers, employees, shareholders, all the way to consumers. And these are only those directly effected.

This comes from regulatory agencies being starved of the resources to do their jobs, a GOPster tactic raised to a fine art under the bu$hites and from regulators that are too cozy with the regulated community and not sufficiently working in the public interest, which is their core mission.

Here we have yet another example of why greed is bad, even deadly, and why sensible regulation is not only good for the public at large, it's actually good for business.

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