Friday, August 01, 2008

Sign Of The Times

Last week I was afforded a sight that warmed the cockles of my heart (whatever they are). I was coming back down from the north woods and went past the Hummer dealership on HWY 45 in Menominee Falls. I've been driving past and cursing this this temple to glutonous excess for several years now, but this time to my delight it was being torn down. And to add a knife twist to to GM's nearsightedness, there was a Smart Car dealership going up right next to it.

I've never figured out just exaclty what deficiency the drivers of these monstrosities are trying to compensate for, but I do know this HUMMERS ARE FOR DICKHEADS!>


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Sean Cranley believes that name-calling is how to make his point that he doesn't like Hummer's or the people who make, sell, service or drive them. See Sean, that's the beauty of the free-market; hard lessons can lead to good things. However, I wonder if Sean's trip to the northwoods was necessary. I'm sure Sean is buying lots of carbon credits to offset his long, carbon-spewing drives to and from the north woods. How 'bout it Sean? Did you contribute to global warming, I mean global climate change without thought for your fellow planet dwellers, much less mother nature? I'm sure Sean was driving his Prius. Actually, I don't know if Sean has a Prius, but even those emit CO2.

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