Friday, September 02, 2005

Forseeable Disaster - Forseeable Bungling

Where to start with Hurricane Katrina? Well, start by clicking the link on the right of this blog and contributing to the Red Cross -- or contribute to another relief agency of your own choosing.

After that, stop listening to the lies foisted on you by the government and corporate controlled media.

Recently, President Bush told us that no one could have forseen this.

That may be true for him -- but the rest of us might care to read the reports and recommendations of our own agencies, including the 2001 one from FEMA which predicted EXACTLY this disaster. Or maybe this article, from the same year:

(Hopefully, that link works. If not, go to the root and search for New Orleans flood.)

Air America Radio, and particularly Rachel Maddow (filling in for Al Franken) have done good coverage of the flood and the bungling that has followed (and preceeded) it.

Check that out, and you can also click through to the passionate speech by the Mayor of New Orleans.

Bush, apparently, agrees that his administration has bungled the relief effort:

And, of course, we all know where he was while this disaster was in progress -- vacation and making political speeches and, if you can believe it, strumming guitar while New Orleans flodded.

Is it any wonder things are going badly?

Anyone who's seen how they've handled the aftermath of the Iraq war could have predicted this bungling. The money and human resources (including the National Guard) that could be rushing to the striken South are, instead, in Iraq.

Will this disaster, the war fiasco, and $3/gallon gasoline be enough to bring this neglectful, corrupt administration toppling down?

Has the true, evil face of the rich, greedy, and well connected finally revealed its face for all to see? Consider this, amid the thousands of homeless, Bush is promising his friend and political supporter Trent Lott a new home (to replace the lavish one he lost) with a new front porch that both of them can sit on.

Let's send them both there now.

It's time to get rid of these greedy incompetents.

Let's throw the whole lot of them out of office.

America can do better.

But only with better leadership. Leadership that's interested in more than lining their own pockets (and those of their friends) and getting re-elected.

Rise up, America!

-- SDS


Kay said...

Bush has officially lost his mind as far as I'm concerned. I've been reading for months on blogs for a very long time about all the White House staff leaks about his behavior and there has been mention of it in msm as well. Then I read the official White House website's press release and the speech he gave. He talks like an eight year old child. Repeating the most simple thing over and over. Now I understand when they want to put an idea into the heads of the public that they repeat, repeat, repeat but, fixing a levee? Why would you keep repeat fixing one levee and telling people it has to be done? Does he think that the people that live there don't know what a levee is or that it's broke or that it needs repair?
Seriously, if you look at how he addresses this it's as if it's a child talking. And, he mangages to slip in a joke........a joke? While discussing the complete devastation of how many people's lives and the lives lost he makes a cute remark...........
This guy and his smirk and his cute remarks at the most inappropriate times is just outrageous. And, did I happen to miss him apologizing at any time for this? Did he say he was so hurt and that he would make it a top priority that nothing like this would ever happen again?
What does he say? We, the little people I presume, should all help as much as we can. Not that I don't think that we should all help, but why is he not calling on all his rich elite circle to make serious contributions?

Kay said...

Oh, and how could I have forgotten to add this? Because I'm so upset I guess........this is how he closes his speech [q]May God bless the people of this part of the world, and may God continue to bless our country. Thank you very much. (Applause.) [/q]

Excuse me? Only this part of the world should God be blessing and our country?